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To Gallery & Orchestra

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Ornate watercolour of a design for an internal wooden theatre sign 'To Gallery & Orchestra', by Amor Fenn. The design has been completed on tracing paper and finished in a period Victorian ebonised frame.

Tracing paper offered an attractive hard, smooth working surface. It is also thin and transparent and therefore, easy to reproduce. Thus it is an ideal material for working drawings. Tracing paper, or transparent paper as it is also called, has been used for a wide variety of designs in archives, museums and libraries. Artists were also drawn to tracing paper because of its translucency and relatively low cost.

Amor (1863 to 1933) was the husband to Dora Bard (Dora Fenn), who trained at Goldsmith College, London. He has published two books, Abstract Design: A Practical Manual On The Making Of Patterns For The Use Of Students Teachers Designers And Craftsmen. Secondly, Abstract Design and How to Create It. Both can still be purchased today and show works of his illustration etc.

Approx. Dimensions: W:25.5 x D:1 x H:22 cm

Sourced: Hampshire, England

Circa: 1890s