Religious Illustration by Amor Fenn

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Illustration in pencil and watercolour by Amor Fenn of a Textus cover of oak covered with gold enclosing manuscript... German 10th or 11th century.

Additional small illustrations of detail and descriptive comments.

Amor (1863 to 1933) was the husband to Dora Bard (Dora Fenn), who trained at Goldsmith College, London. He has published two books, Abstract Design: A Practical Manual On The Making Of Patterns For The Use Of Students Teachers Designers And Craftsmen. Secondly, Abstract Design and How to Create It. Both can still be purchased today and show works of his illustration etc.

 Approx. Dimensions: W:29.5 x D: 1 x H:40cm

Sourced: Hampshire, England

Circa: 1880 - 1920s