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Odd fellows Lodge Plaque


Loyal Pride of Camberwell Lodge, No. 1550. Est: 1844
Odd fellows are one of the oldest and largest friendly societies in the country. Friendly societies are non-profit organisations owned by their members. The concept or a friendly or mutual society, to protect member's interests in times of sickness or unemployment, grew from the medieval trade guilds. The Manchester Unity of Oddfellows (M.U.I.O.O.F.) was formed in 1810 and now is the national body to which local lodges affiliate.

Local groups are organised into lodges; members wear regalia and there are strong ceremonial and social aspects to their activities. Before the introduction of National Insurance (from 1911) friendly societies were one of the most important ways workers could guard against hardship. Credit: Jisc - Archives Hub

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Sourced: West Sussex

Circa: Early 20th Century

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